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Каковы системные требования к компьютеру для запуска приложения Music Transfer?

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System requirements of a computer for using the Music Transfer software are as:
Computer IBM PC/AT compatible
- CPU: Intel Pentium lll 800 MHz or higher
- Memory: 512 MB or more
"- Available hard disk drive space: 200 MB or more (1.5 GB or more is recommended.)" " (Depending on the version of the Windows, the larger amount of space may be needed.)"
- CD-ROM drive
- Sound card
- LAN connector
Operating System * The following manufacturer installed version only.
- Windows XP Service Pack 3
- Windows Vista Service Pack 1
Display 16 bit or better, 800 X 600 dot or more
* The Music Transfer software does not support 64 bit Operating System.
* Operating system other than those listed above are not supported.