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Можно ли записывать радиопрограммы?

    Yes, you can record FM/AM radio broadcast or DAB service* to the HDD of the unit.

    (* UK model only.)

    Note: The recorded data are named as follows in the HDD Jukebox.

    Recording source Artist directory Album directory *1 Track directory *2
    FM (TUNER FM) (Station frequency) MHz Track01
    AM (TUNER AM) (Station frequency) kHz Track01
    DAB *3 (TUNER DAB) (The name of the service label) Track01
    DMPORT (DMPORT) DMPORT0001 *2 Track01
    AUDIO IN (AUDIO) AUDIO0001 *2 Track01

    *1 For FM, AM and DAB recordings, a maximum of 99 tracks can be stored to a folder. Tracks from the 100th onward are stored to a newly created folder with a number added to the name. (Example: 87.5 MHz(0002))
    *2 The number added to a title depends on how many timer recordings have been made from the given recording source.
    *3 UK model only.

    A track mark is added whenever you press the HDD REC button. or added at 60-minute intervals.
    Tack marks can be added for tracks with minimum length of 4 seconds.