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Как импортировать видео в формате AVCHD с камеры на компьютер Mac?

    Use the dedicated software for Mac OS such as iMovie. You cannot drop and drag the files onto the desktop without using software.

    When using iMovie, check the following.
    - PowerMac G5 does not support AVCHD format movie files.
    - iMovie '08 or later version which supports AVCHD format movie files is necessary.
    - If both AVCHD and STD format movies are recorded on the camcorder, AVCHD movies are not recognized. In this case, import STD movies on the camcorder to the computer, delete the STD movies on the camcorder, and connect the camcorder to the computer again. Then AVCHD movies will be recognized. With iMovie '11 (Ver.9.0.1 or later), both AVCHD and STD format movies can be recognized.
    - 3D movies recorded with a 3D Handycam are not supported.
    - The AVCHD encoding method of the 2011 or later camcorder has been changed from the previous models. To import AVCHD movies using iMovie, update Mac OS to the latest version (Ver. 10.6.7 or later).
    - Refer to the Apple website for details on iMovie.
    - "PMB" and "PlayMemories Home" are not supported with Mac OS.

    - If your computer is Mac OS X, you can download the latest version of "PMB Portable" from: