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Изображение в видоискателе размыто.

    Please make sure of the following.

    - The diopter and the width between the viewfinders are properly adjusted.

    - [Focus] is set to [Auto].
    If it is set to [Manual], the hand icon with "F" appears on the screen. Please note that the auto focus function may not be effective for some subjects.

    - The lens and viewfinder are clean.
    If the lens is dirty, clean it with a soft cloth.

    - The inner surface of the lens is not fogged.
    In environments with large temperature difference or high humidity, moisture may condense inside the lens part. When you bring this product from a cold place into a warm place (or vice versa), wait until the temperature of the product reaches the surrounding temperature before using it. If the moisture condensation has occurred, leave it with the power turned off until the fog is cleared (about 1 hour), then turn on the power again.

    - Double images may appear when viewing 3D images if the subject is too close to yourself. If you feel uncomfortable, switch the display to 2D with the FINDER 2D/3D button.
    *The distance to a subject at which you can obtain a satisfactory depth of 3D movies is limited.

    If the images are still blurry even after confirming the above, you may need to have the product repaired.