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Как установить USB-драйвер на компьютер с Windows?

    Please install the USB driver as follows.
    1. Turn on the computer to start up Windows.

      • Do not connect the camera at this moment.
      • When using Windows 2000, please log on as .Administrators

    2. Insert the supplied CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive of your computer.
      The installation screen automatically appears.

    3. Click USB Driver on the installation screen.
      Installation wizard starts up. Follow the on-screen message to proceed the installation.
      When finished, restart the computer following the message.

    4. Turn on the camera. Confirm the battery is charged enough.

    5. Connect the camera to the computer using the supplied cable for multi-use terminal with its switch set to CAMERA.

      "USB Mode Mass Storage" appears on the LCD screen of the camera. When the USB connection is established for the first time, please wait for a while until the computer recognizes the camera automatically.

    When using Windows XP, the USB driver is originally included in the OS, so you do not need to install from the CD-ROM. You can transfer images just by connecting the camera to the computer.