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Каковы системные требования для компьютеров с Windows?

    Operating System

    OS: Windows 2000 Professional (SP4 or later required), Windows XP*, Windows Vista**.
    * 64-bit and Starter Editions are not supported.
    ** Starter edition is not supported.


    • The above OS needs to be preinstalled at the factory.
    • Operations are not guaranteed in an upgraded or multi-boot environment.

    CPU Pentium III 1GHz or faster
    RAM 256MB or more
    Display 1024x768 dots or more, High Color (16-bit color) or more
    Hard disk 200MB or more required for installation
    Software DirectX 9.0c or later
    Required equipment
    • 16-bit stereo sound card with speakers
    • CD-ROM drive to install the software
    • USB port provided as standard
    • To play back the recorded movie files (MPEG4) transferred to the computer, you need the supplied Picture Motion Browser software. The movie files in the internal memory of the camera can be played back with the supplied Album Editor software.
    • Operations are not guaranteed if the OS is upgraded.
    • Operations are not guaranteed when two or more USB devices (except for the keyboard and mouse) are connected to the computer or a USB hub is used.
    • Operations are not guaranteed for all the recommended environments mentioned above.