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Как сбросить номера файлов изображений при замене карты Memory Stick?

    By changing the settings following the steps below, you can reset the file number.
    • 1. Press the [MENU] button - The menu screen appears.
    • 2. Press the rightward control button until [Setup] is displayed, and press it once again. The [Camera] screen in the Setup appears.
    • 3. Press the downward control button to select [Setup 2] in the [Setup] screen. The [Setup 2] screen appears.
    • 4. Press the rightward control button to select [File Number].
    • 5. When you press the rightward control button once again, two options [Series] and [Reset] appear.
    • 6. Press the upward/downward control button to select [Reset], then press the central control button.