Номер статьи : S700019297 / Последнее изменение : 01.07.2008

Кнопки на сенсорной панели работают неверно.

    If this happens, please follow the steps below. It is recommended to use a fully charged battery or optional AC adaptor (AC-LS5K) as the power source during operation:

    1. Touch Calibration in Main Settings of Settings from the menu.The Calibration screen appears.
    2. Touch the "X" displayed on the screen with the paint pen.

    Note: Do not use a sharp-pointed object to calibrate the LCD screen. Otherwise, the surface of the screen may be damaged.

    Also, please confirm the following if you use an LCD protecting sheet:
    • Please use the Sony LCD protector* PCK-L30WCSB for the touch panel. If you use other protecting sheets, the touch panel may not respond properly. * Sony LCD protector may not be available depending on regions.
    • If there is any object such as dust between the protecting sheet and the touch panel, the touch panel may respond to the object, causing improper operations. In this case, removing the object may solve the problem.