Intel® PRO/100 VE Network Adapter Driver Version (for Windows XP)

Download Instructions
1.Download the fileNWD_int_61330.exe, and save it to a download directory.
2.Go the download directory, and double-clickNWD_int_61330.exe. WinZip Self-Extractor program starts.
3.Click Unzip. The file will be extracted to a new directoryC:\intel61330
4.Click Close to exit WinZip Self-Extractor program.

Log on to your computer using an account with administrative rights.
1. Exit all running applications.
2. Open Device Manager (Click [Start]- right-Click [My Computer] - click [Properties]- [Hardware] Tab - [Device Manager] Button.)
3. In Device Manager window, expand [Network adapters].
4. Right-click [Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection], and then click [Update driver]. The Hardware Update Wizard starts.
5. Select [Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)]. Click Next.
6. Select [Don"t search. I will choose the driver to install].
7. Click Next. Click [Have Disk], and then browse toC:\intel61330
8. Click Open, and then click OK.
9. Click Next. Wait while Setup installs the software.
10. Click Finish.
11. Exit Device Manager.

Сведения о файле

Имя файла

  • NWD_int_61330.exe

Архитектура файла

  • 32 bit

Размер файла

  • 275 Kb

Дата выпуска

  • 15-10-2002