BIOS Update R0112K3 for Microsoft Windows Me

This program will update the BIOS to version R0112K3 on the VAIO PCG-F801A preinstalled with Windows Me.
This update fixes the following issue: cannot access CD-ROM after system resumes from standby.
Creating a BIOS update disk
1. Download the file R0112K3.exe and save it to a download directory
2. Go to the download directory and double-click R0112K3.exe
3. Click Unzip to extract the file to the directory C:\R0112K3
4. Browse to C:\R0112K3 and double-click crisdisk.bat
5. This opens an MS-DOS prompt window
6. Follow on the instructions on the screen
7. Press any key to continue
8. Insert a blank floppy in the floppy disk drive and press Enter
9. Enter a volume label or just press Enter to continue
10. Press Y to quick format the disk if it is not blank
11. Otherwise press N and then press any key to continue
12. Wait while the necessary files are being copied to the disk
13. Press any key when prompted to install a boot sector on the disk
14. "CRISIS diskette on drive A: successfully created" message is displayed
15. Exit the MS-DOS prompt window
Updating the BIOS on your computer
Important notes:
- Make sure your computer is connected to the external power source using the AC adapter
- Do not stop the BIOS upgrade procedure while in progress

1. Restart your computer with the created BIOS update disk in the floppy drive
2. The message "Do you want to update BIOS? (Y/N)" will appear on the screen
3. Press Y and wait while the BIOS is being updated
4. When the BIOS update is completed your computer will automatically restarts
5. Eject the floppy disk when the system displays the Sony log while it is restarting.

Сведения о файле

Имя файла

  • R0112K3.exe

Архитектура файла

  • 32 bit

Размер файла

  • 376 Kb

Дата выпуска

  • 81-51-2005