Installation procedure for firmware update for "Sony DW-U14" optical drive.

Please check if your VAIO is using the "Sony DW-U14"

  1. Download the file
  2. Browse to the directory where you downloaded the file to.
  3. Double Click SOFOPD-00677403-UN.exe

  1. Follow the on screen instructions and click YES

  1. Select the correct drive from the dropdown menu (E: SONY DVD RW DW-U14 A 2C) and click "Open Tray"

  1. Click "Yes"

  1. Click "OK"

  1. Click "Start Update"

  1. Click "Yes" to restart your VAIO
  2. Once your VAIO has been restarted the actual update will start, Click "OK" each time when prompted to do so.

Сведения о файле

Имя файла

  • SOFOPD-00677403-UN.exe

Архитектура файла

  • 32 bit

Размер файла

  • 1.19 Mb

Дата выпуска

  • 99-41-2005