Alps Pointing Device (Touchpad) Driver Version 5.3.509.3a for Microsoft Windows XP

This update is to be installed on the VAIO notebooks listed below to resolve the issue of the cursor not responding with user logon/logoff.


Download Instructions
1.Download the file5.3.509.3a.EXEand save it to a download directory. (Please note this directory for reference.)
2.Go the download directory, and double-click5.3.509.3a.EXE. WinZip Self-Extractor program starts.
3.Click Unzip. The file will be extracted toC:\5.3.509.3a.
4.Click Close to exit WinZip Self-Extractor program.

Installation Instructions
Exit all running applications.
1. Open Device Manager (Click [Start]- right-Click [My Computer] ->click [Properties]->[Hardware] Tab ->[Device Manager]).
2. Expand "Mice and other pointing devices".
3. Right-click Alps Pointing-device, and then click [Update driver...] from the shortcut menu.
4. The Hardware Update Wizard starts. Select [Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)]. Click Next.
3. Select [Search for the best driver in these locations]. Click [Include this location in the search], and type or browse to the folderC:\5.3.509.3a.
5. Click Next. Please wait while the Wizard installs the software.
6. Click Finish.
7. Restart the computer.

Сведения о файле

Имя файла

  • TPD_Alps_535093a.exe

Архитектура файла

  • 32 bit

Размер файла

  • 712 Kb

Дата выпуска

  • 81-61-2003