Using the XP downgrade tool VPCB series.

! Important notes :

* DVD playback is not natively supported in Windows XP, so a separate program is needed in order to playback DVD movies. This software will not be supplied by Sony.
* DVD recording is not natively supported in Windows XP, so a separate program is needed in order to write on DVD"s. This software will not be supplied by Sony.

Make sure that:

  • The Wireless switch left above the keyboard is switched on.
  • The unit is connected on AC power
  • No 3rd party hardware is connected / installed on the unit when starting this process.
  1. Install Windows XP Professional from the bundled disc, following the instructions from the booklet.
    After the setup is completed and all the hotfixes are installed from the XP downgrade disc and the system has rebooted we can continue with the drivers and utilities installation.

  2. Start the XP downgrade assistant and choose one of following options :
    • A. Download and install XP drivers and utilities
      • The default and recommended option.
        This will download all needed drivers and utilities to your hard disc and then install them in the correct order.

    • B. Only download XP drivers and utilities
      • This will only download the drivers to your hard disk, but will not install them (not recommended)

    • C. Create a CD with all XP drivers , utilities and this installation assistant for use on several XP downgraded Vaio PC"s of the same model.
      • This option is specifically for people that need to deploy an XP downgrade on multiple units of the same model.
        When selecting this option it will :
        1. Download all drivers and utilities to a CD
        2. Add the install assistant and autorun function on the disc.
      • To use the disc you simply need to:
        1. Install the XP Pro from the bundled disc
        2. Once XP is installed you need to remove the XP disc (no need to run the setup file from the disc as per instructions in the bundled booklet in this case).
        3. Insert the Downgrade Assistant Disc. The autorun will start, the assistant which will copy all files to the hard disk and install all drivers and utilities automatically.

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