Применимая модель

Данная информация относится к следующим моделям:

  • BRC-X400
  • REA-C1000
  • SRG-A12
  • SRG-A40
  • SRG-X120
  • SRG-X400
  • SRG-XB25
  • SRG-XP1
  • ILME-FR7


This software is an application for installation and use on a computer. The software allows you to use an RTSP stream
received from a Sony network camera in a computer application (such as a web conferencing tool).

[How to use]
Please refer to Help Guide. Click here

[The verified PC environment]
Supported operating system
Windows 10 64-bit
macOS 10.14/10.15/11
CPU: Intel Core 8th generation (Coffee Lake) or later (recommended)
Memory: 8 GB or higher (recommended)
Ethernet port for receiving RTSP stream
Monitor with 1366×768 or higher resolution