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  • DWR-R03D

[Applicable model]

Please install WSU (Wireless Microphone System Updater) on your computer before updating the firmware.
DWR-R03D_V1.32_w_Dante.zip file contains the following two firmwares, so please update both firmwares.
 ・DWR-R03D_1.32_230201A.dwpkg (Receiver firmware)
 ・R03D_20220125.dnt (Dante firmware)
Please refer to Help Guide for Receiver firmware update procedure and DANTE UPDATE PROCEDURE for Dante firmware update procedure.
Dante firmware contains open-source software. Please download the OSS file if you need the open source code included in the firmware.

[Contents of update]
-Transmission quality is improved.
-Audio quality when transmission quality drops is improved.