Применимая модель

Данная информация относится к следующим моделям:

  • PXW-X500

1.) Interval Rec function 
2.) Seamless, continuous playback
3.) Clip copy function
4.) Proxy data recording function improvements
5.) Support CBK-WA02 and CBK-NA1
6.) File transfer(via 3G/4G/LTE)
7.) Streaming transmission(QoS and MPEG2-TS)
8.) Saving and loading ALL files
9.) Viewfinder function improvement
10.) Remaining battery capacity indicator
11.) UTILITY SD card icon indicator
12.) Recording status indicator improvements
13.) Output settings when the Picture Cache function is enabled

Note: Please note that X500 must not be downgraded to previous versions after updating to V3.00.

Disconnect connected devices (such as USB wireless LAN module (IFU-WLM3), SDI, HDMI, microphone, viewfinder, and lens) and eject any media in the SxS memory card slots before upgrading.