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Как устройство именует информацию альбома, если не может получить информацию из встроенной базы данных?

    The recorded data are named as follows in the HDD Jukebox:

    (1st layer) Artist directory (2nd layer) Album directory (3rd layer) Track directory Recording mode:
    MUSIC (CD) ALBUM0001 *1 Track01 *1 Disc record mode
    MUSIC (FAVORITE) PEC1 YY TrackXX *2 Track record mode
    MUSIC (FAVORITE) PRG0001 *1 YY TrackXX *3 Program record mode

    *1 The number added to a title depends on how many times recordings have been made form the recording source.
    *2 YY: 01 to 99 / XX: Audio CD track number.
    *3 YY: Program step number / XX : Audio CD track number.