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Можно ли использовать сменные объективы?

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Yes, you can use the following conversion lenses:

Tele conversion lens: VCL-DH2637
Wide conversion lens: VCL-DH0737

To attach a conversion lens, you need to attach an adaptor ring to the camera. Also, please set the camera as follows to achieve appropriate focus and image stabilization:
  1. Press the HOME button to display the HOME screen.
  2. Select the Settings category with the control button.
  3. Select Shooting Settings and press the central control button.
  4. Select Shooting Settings 1 -> Conversion Lens and press the central control button.
  5. The Conversion Lens options are displayed. Select the desired option, and then press the central control button.

  6. Tele: to attach a tele conversion lens
    Wide: to attach a wide conversion lens
    Off: when no lens is used.

If you set to Tele or Wide, the flash setting is fixed to Flash forced off.
If you attach a conversion lens, the finder window will be covered with the lens, and you cannot shoot with the finder. Please check the image on the LCD screen.
To prevent images suffering from corner softness or lens shadow, the available zoom area will be limited .